Brothers and Sisters

Life by the Sea

Back into my Mind

Man on a Hill

Long hot Night

Waters Flow

Three Kings

It's coming straight

Sheep Inspector

John Franklin

Nobody Else

The Ants



calls from where they saw the signs

for a better understanding co´s they

changed all the surroundings here

to a weird kind of thing


big sign on the door restricted even more

time to look ahead


they´ve been round for ages here

to step right on to have no fear

to be along with all their rules

and to realize it´s time for a change





useful for eternities

practical for generations

but follow back the history

who is able to learn


one hundred thoughts we´re out of time

there´s no more movement   like a crime

a carefull step within one wink

no more reasons to wait

nach oben



this seems to bet he brightest city of mankind

look at my mirror image down by the sea

i catch the rising sun now supposed to be happy

there´s nothing else to find here  ( exept )

life by the sea  


all of the lanes are pointing down to the coastline

to call my attention to this well kown expanse

the sea seems to tell me secrets under the surface

i take my chances right here

life by the see


and the sunlight city catches me in short time

i am drunk and swallowed but i´m feeling safe

and the sunlit city

is known for good vibrations

and they‘re taking over fast          


look here my mind is filtered into a warm breeze

i feel a real addiction deep in my soul

once i had plans to travel homeless and unbound

( but ) i take my chances right here

life by the sea

nach oben




back into my mind - thoughts are running faster

they try to get me back to life in former days

back into my mind - they come around the corner

i am not prepared for the ghosts i called before


i spend my time without a question

i spend my time with common doubts

( now ) lead me to a bridge to stride ahead


back to better times i´m driving to my childhood

worry about the present  afraid to miss those signs

i don‘t want a life with different faces

i just want to go on with a different smile


back into my mind ,( but ) leave the rest behind

should be deaf to voices from the past

Back into my mind , leave the rest behind

don´t want to fish in troubled waters... 


back into the case where nobody can find me

try to find the way out , on the other side

back into the flow , where ever i may find it

try to read my mind in a different way

nach oben




big toys flying machines don‘t know what it means

strange things lying around feel a shaking from the ground

flash lights into the night , feel a tension deep inside

tightrope´s hang everywhere, seems they float in the air

there´s a man on a hill

and i´m wondering about the things he does


sounds, like from outer space ,lead me right on this trace

unkown rivers to find , feel confused in my mind

starships crossing my sight , an invitation, a fast ride

sculptures starring at me , but where´s the artist ,not to see

there´s a man on a hill

and i´m wondering about the things he does  


i´ve been around for a while

asking questions to a marsman, try to join his style

i´ve been around a thousand times

surrounded by a playground to read between the lines 


now what´s he building out there , is there a kind of sense ( he don‘t care )

try to figure it out , his kind of work is speaking so loud

not so easy to say , he´s like a child in his own way

big toy´s flying machines , whirr around in my dream

   there´s a man on a hill

                  and i´m wondering about the things he does


he plays without a reason

but i´m not here to tease him

creations by the man who ´s

flying to the moon

   real soon

nach oben



Waters Flow


something going on below your feet

there’s a river flowing under ground 

a certain rhythm from down beneath

listen closely and you hear the sound


constant flowing from the well to the sea

take our memories and give them release 

on your journey you set them free

from the sky to the earth and beneath


come on over and see the waters flow

the days are gone when the ground was dry

ooh yeah


it never ceases but it comes and it goes

through the ages it has always been  

the destination - how will we ever know

only few of us have ever seen


come on over and see the waters flow

the days are gone when the ground was dry

come on board let the journey start

come on over let your spirit fly

ooh yeah

nach oben



stand up grap my shoes on the floor

i´m walking to the bathroom door, that‘s me

overloaded feeling tight

i´m up to catch the morning light that‘s me


         now this is us  by the meeting point

         now this is us  came down to join

         now this is us  and we got to know ...this is us


along the path of  rusty trails

passing all of the unkown tales that‘s me

leading all the searchers now

through the woods don´t ask me how that‘s me



get inside the tunnel now

feel the presence of the unkown  that‘s me

hear the ringing telephone

but still no answer all alone that‘s me


this is us  try to remember how did we walk to get here

this is us  try to get closer inside this garden somewhere



nach oben  






you can smell it in the air

just the magic and no fear

and it´s like spring is on the move

your inside dj has the groove 


it´s coming straight

the happy sound i´m wondering where it´s been

it´s coming straight

right from the bottom time to let it in

it´s coming straight

the moment when this feeling touches me

it´s coming straight


just another working day

watch myself the same old way

but suddenly a different sight

through my mind and it´s alright


maybe just seconds passed away

a point of view that likes to stay

in this solid state of mind

guess now it´s the time to be unwind




nach oben





connected slow ...  

the facts of the action are starting right now

somebody saw something but i´m wondering how

down by the meadow a sheep was watching me

time to hurry up i think the murderer´s behind that tree


i´ve got the same old information

and they lead me to nowhere

i´ve got the statement of the people

but i guess that they don‘t care


         it is a useless exploration

         and the wrong investigation

         i think i need an invitation to come along  ...stop !


connected slow ...        

now where is the witness and where is the beast

i´m trying to get further but it seems like a backtrack at least

i´m looking stupid and the sheep are still drinking tea

maybe i´m suspicious and the murderers watching me


right down by the meadow ( i´m sure ) i saw the moving shadow

huge and tall / better call a sheep inspector and move him through

the gate...


connected slow.... 

i don‘t pay attention nothing left to say

i see no marks there‘s just a misty way

now where is the witness and where is the beast

time to retire real soon to start my release


nach oben





we have science ,computers just to calculate

we have formulars to see inside the trees

we have toys and the money just to circulate


we try to figure out the secrets of the human being

we‘re gonna stretch the lifetime of ourselves

we‘re gonna dive to the the deepness of the mind control


nobody is in time

slow motion and no sign

just sliding on thin ice

nobody is ...


we‘re gonna search for the answers ,want to understand

we need to know conceptions and the rules

we try to learn, to explain ,try to take advance


so let´s strive and explore through the theories

and lets count the numbers in the line

keep on measuring  the nature try to take control




nach oben






i´m flying over the hemisphere watching what is wrong

we just look like bugs from here but  something´s moving on


now please try to freeze it  try to look once more

what‘s the story behind it,  nobody ´s asking for

playing games just to confuse in the morning light

a hunting hiding circus don‘t want to look inside 


from the top yes t‘s good to see, they‘re on to turning round the sense

some stupid man´s and a masterplan building up a fence 


and all the ants are coming smiling tenderly

working in the backround for the highest fee

in a straight direction for the glory and the fame

follow all the leaders

please let me just say good bye to them



nach oben